The Aspen: A Model Of Interconnectedness

When I began using a camera creatively, I approached trees and forests mainly as objects to facilitate the development of my aesthetic eye. Recently, Peter Wohllenben’s book The Hidden Life Of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate expanded my appreciation by describing their acute sensory and communication processes. After reading that book I discovered […]


I grew up in the city. My grandparents lived in the country, about thirty miles from us. We visited them most Sundays, year round, from the time I was born through high school. Although this is not a picture if their farm, it brings back vivid memories it. Topping the list of the downside of […]


  The coming of Fall coincided with the printing of this image for a friend. Seeing it large was delightful, and it triggered my appreciation of the things that make the season delectable—sweater weather, yellow, orange and red trees, cider, pumpkin pie, trips to apple farms and later on Thanksgiving. I tend to photograph more […]