The coming of Fall coincided with the printing of this image for a friend. Seeing it large was delightful, and it triggered my appreciation of the things that make the season delectable—sweater weather, yellow, orange and red trees, cider, pumpkin pie, trips to apple farms and later on Thanksgiving. I tend to photograph more […]


Seen from a distance, the colors of Autumn evidence the seasonal transition. The leaves turning brown, yellow or red and then falling from the trees at once signify death and the cyclical nature of life. Up close however, as this image reveals, it is also the time for the deposition of seeds, the first act in replacing the […]


  As we transition into Autumn, rather than post a series of images—as I did through the summer months—I’ll return to the original format of posting a single image with a brief, associated contemplation. As stated on the home page, the purpose of this blog is to, by way of demonstration, encourage you to use […]

As Above, So Below

  One of the benefits of a photographic image is that it presents us with a moment, usually a fraction of a second, and holds us there the better to reflect and appreciate the subject matter. The actual scene or situation before us is part of our continuous experience, so mentally and physically we’re always […]