After experiencing months of Southwest Ohio’s pallet of browns, grays and blacks, the sight of green, purple and yellow poking up in the garden last week was like a breath of spiritual fresh air. It signaled the coming of longer days with sunlight, the greening of grass and trees and the blooming of flowers […]


  When I first printed this image, I thought it was quite a nice expression of childhood exuberance. Now, because I see the figure representing humanity standing in relation to the vastness of earth and cosmos it evokes the spirit of joy. Given how we evolved from the earth, I like how the figure seems […]

The Influence Of Attitude

In addition to the quiet sensibility that this image evokes in me, it speaks to the human journey, our quest for meaning and purpose, even our individual place and function in the world as we paddle this way and that with our attention focused mainly on the surface of things. Quantum theorists observe that, at […]