Invitation To Visit “Ancient Maya Cultural Traits”

Stela E Quirigua (Honduras)

This is the largest monolithic monument ever erected in the New World. It’s over 24 ft. tall, and 10 ft. more is sunk in the ground. Dedicated on January 22, 771 AD , it commemorates the rise to power of Lord K’ak’ Tiliw Chan Yopaat, a Maya king. On the front and back, he’s shown standing on the earth monster wearing a tall headdress and holding K’awiil, the scepter of divine rulership, across his chest. The text on the sides records his accession. The workman (top right) was erecting a thatch roof to protect it from the rain.

Stelae functioned within the ritual landscape as surrogate ritual performers. The images of gods  portrayed on them were understood as the actual manifestation of those deities, not merely a representation.

David Stuart (Archaeologist / Epigrapher)

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Topics Include

The meaning and significance of blood



Maize and the Maize God

Sacred Space

Termination Rituals

The Underworld

Coming of age initiation

Canoes (Dugout and celestial)



K’awill, the god who conveys kingship


The ball game

War & Warriors



Dance — and more.



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