Appreciation 1

Dear Followers:

I’m in the final stage of formatting my novel for publication, and devoting more time to producing new work in preparation for a major exhibit, so for the summer months I will post an image each week, but with only a comment or quote rather than my longer contemplations. Also, this allow me to share some images that speak more directly to the heart rather than the mind.

Raindrops On Stems

You in the very immediateness of your present awareness, are in fact the entire world, in all its frost and fever, in all its glories and its grace, in all its triumphs and its tears. You do not see the sun, you are the sun; you do not hear the rain, you are the rain; you do not feel the earth, you are the earth.

Ken Wilber

One thought on “Appreciation 1

  1. Dear David,
    Thank you for this posting and I wish you well as you complete your book. Thank you for the spirit of stillness and integrity you offer in your living and in what you share in your writing and photography.



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