Welcome to Contemplative Photography, a weekly offering of photographic images with accompanying contemplations intended to demonstrate an approach to photography that contributes to appreciation, awareness, perception and the development of a personal aesthetic.

Although the act of making photographs of any kind can be cause for appreciation and reflection, the practitioner of contemplative photography is generally more concerned about intrinsic rather than extrinsic rewards. The challenge is not only to make photographs that are compelling and technically excellent, it’s also to make them evocative—catalysts for reflection.

As a practice, both the act of photographing and the resulting images can feed the soul by stimulating thoughts, feelings, metaphors and imaginings that in some way touch on the nature of being and becoming. While the subject matter of such photographs may be commonplace, its mindful representation is intended to trigger feelings and insights that have deeper meaning and significance.

Oil Tank Stairway

The image of a stairway winding around a commercial oil tank can evoke a metaphor for cosmic and human evolution.

Corn Field

A corn field, demonstrating what a farmer has cultivated, can prompt questions about what we are cultivating—individually and socially.

Having practiced in this way since 1963 I can confidently report that among other benefits, this kind of reflection promotes personal growth and enrichment beyond expectation. In particular, it leads to expanded awareness and an opening of perception which fosters a deepening of appreciation for all that is—as it is.

Every week (Saturdays) I will  post a single original image with an accompanying contemplation. My photographs were and are for me, expressions of love and catalysts for reflection. As such I’ve kept them private. But now I’m pleased to share them with you, perhaps to inspire you to use  your camera as a tool for personal growth and spiritual enrichment. I invite you to check this site for future entries or follow it weekly by going to “About this blog” and clicking on the “Follow” button in the right-hand margin.


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