The coming of Fall coincided with the printing of this image for a friend. Seeing it large was delightful, and it triggered my appreciation of the things that make the season delectable—sweater weather, yellow, orange and red trees, cider, pumpkin pie, trips to apple farms and later on Thanksgiving.

I tend to photograph more in the studio through the Summer and Winter months, the exception being sunny days after heavy snowfalls, but that’s rare in Southwestern Ohio. So when the leaves begin to fall and the temperature dips, my thoughts turn to the possibility of day trips to photograph the colors and textures, especially early morning fog. Because images “speak” louder than words, I’ll let them provide evidence of the colors soon to come.

When everything looks like a magical oil painting, you know you are in Autumn!

Mehmet Murat Ildan (Turkish playwright and novelist)

An autumn forest is such a place that once entered you never look for the exit!

Mehmet Murat Ildan




Title: Autumn Forest

File: DC 6207

This forest was part of a large tract of land located behind—and owned by—Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. Nothing special about the shot. I just happened to be there when the colors were at their peak. It reminds me of what master street photographer Henri Cartier Bresson told a reporter when he was asked the secret of his technique. Bresson replied, “Be there and f8.” More often than not, being there to capture what he called “the precious moment” is more important than technique. This is why those of us who engage in the practice of photography are always looking for opportunities to be wherever something wonderful, beautiful or unusual is happening.


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